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Nolan Coaches Dublin – A Closer Look

Travelling by Coach has numerous benefits over other forms of travel and transport. Cost is an obvious example due to the spiralling fuel prices being split between a multitude of passengers but what else is there?

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Quite simply coach hire is pretty much a cut above all other forms of major passenger movement by road due to the flexibility of amenities available to the passengers – There are so many little quirks, Nolan Coaches Dublin novelties and luxury available when hiring a coach in this day and age that, yes you might find on flights or some business class trains – But remember, a Coach can take you right to the door of your destination where other forms of long haul travel can’t!

For entertainment on route coaches are packed with amazing features and gadgets – Many luxury coaches have large screen televisions, rear facing TV/DVD, independent mobile satellite TV, mobile internet, wifi and multimedia storage to allow individual choice of film or pre-recorded TV drama right to your own screen from the headrest displays as found on Airplanes.

It might seem a little overkill having all of this technology available but it is the perfect solution for long-haul coach journey’s wherever you travel to.

Other little luxuries could include WC/Shower facilities (yes shower!), Tea/Coffee facilities, Surround sound, reclining leather chairs and of course the ability to look at the world from a unique position!

So you can fully understand why hiring a coach or perhaps jumping on a charter coach seems a sensible option – Obviously not all coaches have all facilities mentioned above, but one thing is certain that coach operators have realised the importance of customer comfort and the days of smoky old Buses with wooden seats are a thing of the past.

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