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The internet runs on servers. Billions of bytes of data are transferred from one point to another using and implementing the existing technologies wherein dedicated servers play a very important part. Analysts and Internet experts have claimed that the website hosting industry is entirely dependent on these high powered servers for smooth functioning of its operations. But what happens when these dedicated servers’ fails to operate? It results in severe outages wherein the particular web property is not accessible. Millions of dollars worth of time and resources are wasted in these internet outages.

-Netflix: During a busy morning of March 22, 2011, Netflix which is the world’s most popular portal for downloading non-pirated and licensed videos suffered a major outage which lasted for several hours. In the month of June, the website again suffered outage, which was primarily blamed on heavy traffic and inefficient dedicated servers.

-Amazon Web Services: Amazon provides data center solutions and cloud services to several large websites and blogs. However, on April 21, 2011, Amazon Web services suffered a major Internet outage. Such was the impact of this service disruption that several large web properties such as Reddit, foursquare, Hootsuite etc were all collectively down. Never before such a huge impact of Internet outage was ever witnessed by netizens and bloggers.

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-Target: Target is a big player of retail and ecommerce. Its website attracts millions of pageviews each and every day. Thousands of products are sold. However, on September 13, 2011, the buzzing website came to a screeching halt as the dedicated servers providing hosting to Target’s website refused to serve. This outage lasted for several hours, resulting in millions of dollars worth of productivity loss for Target. And interestingly, the company had earlier announced the launch of a new product line which resulted in even more traffic. The website was down for most of the day, which left shoppers and visitors utterly disappointed.

-Skype: Nobody expected Skype to be down, ever. This instant messenger and Internet telephony tool has been a platform for millions of users since last decade. But on December 22 and December 23, 2010, Skype was down. No calls or messages were transmitted from Skype and this resulted in millions of users out of service and out of job for several hours. It is counted as one of the major Internet outages we ever witnessed anywhere. Such was the impact of this malfunction, that the news got coverage in major news dailies and TV channels. It is said that after this outage, some 200,000 users left Skype and joined some other messenger tool.

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